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Kalimera and thank you for your interest in being a part of Greek Day on Brodway, which takes place on Sunday, June 25, from 11am until 9pm!  


We are pleased to be hosting this wonderful event once again! Whether you've been part of Greek Day since its inception or you're brand new, we can't wait to celebrate the day with you!


**Special Notes**

  • Registration is considered complete upon receipt of payment. 

  • If you are serving food or alcohol, additional forms are required. Please scan and email the completed forms to

  • All activations are responsible for ensuring their space is left clean, and to encourage accountability, a Green Deposit of $500 is collected in advance. 

  • Provided your activation area is cleaned at the end of the event, your Green Deposit cheque will be shredded after the festival.

  • Payment Cheques and Green Deposit Cheques can be mailed to:

Hellenic Canadian Congress of BC

4500 Arbutus Street

Vancouver BC V6J 4A2


Registrants who have not submitted payment by the deadline, and/or have not received pre-approval will not be guaranteed space.

Register to participate at Greek Day on Broadway!
Greek Spirit Agreement: In order to have street presence for Greek Day, you are required to engage with Greek culture. Criteria: (1) Present/sell Greek or Greek-inspired items (food or merchandise) (2) Greek colours MUST be present e.g. wear Greek colours or face paint, hang Greek Flags, or dress your booth with Greek colours.
Floor Plan Agreement: Vancouver Fire Rescue (VFRS) require that all activations submit a written floor plan. These must be submitted by all groups to Greek Day on Broadway by April 26, 2023 for submission toVFRS. Please note (1) All drawings must be approximately to scale (2) Please include all barbeqes, cooking apparatus, tables, chairs, structures, etc. (3) Any seating area must be enclosed.
Do you plan to serve food at part of your activation? (If yes, you MUST register as a food vendor.)
Will your activation include a food truck or cart?
Temporary Food Permit Application Agreement: All food activations require a permit from Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH). Applications must be received by the Greek Day on Broadway by April 26, 2023. Temporary Food Services Application (Please note we are expecting VCH to send us new applications for 2023. We will email everyone once it is available.)
Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services (VFRS) Requirements Agreement: The VFRS requires that: (1) K-Class fire extinguishers are in place for cooking activations using oil/deep fryers (2) ABC-Class fire extinguishers are in place at all other cooking activations (3) All tents must be fire retardant (4) All cooking and serving equipment shall be protected from the public at all times.
Single-Use Item Reduction Agreement: The City of Vancouver has rolled out a single-use item reduction strategy (For more information on this by-law, please visit their the link below. All activations participating in Greek Day must abide by these regulations, please indicate your agreement to do so below.
Are you a Greek Association vendor that will be selling alcohol at Greek Day on Broadway?
Will you be looking to extend liquor service onto an extended patio as part of your activation? Restaurants wishing to extend liquor service out onto the street during Greek Day must apply for a formal patio extension. The applications must be completed by the restaurant and submitted by xto the City of Vancouver. All applications must be received by April 26, 2023 in order to be submitted.
Select an item (C$)

Thanks for registering!

Do you need equipment? Click here to order:

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